BloodClaw Pack

About The BloodClaw Pack

Do you want to...

  • Live for PvP and spend every playing minute working towards bettering yourself ready for the next fight?

  • Terrorize every opponent and make them fear your name?

  • Ravage enemy outposts and crush their naval fleets?

  • Work as a pack to attack, ambush and destroy enemies?

  • Take part in large scale siege warfare and hit and run skirmishes?

  • Be part of a non-rp team with tight-knit command system based upon superiority and trust?

  • Be part of a close-knit team that will be an effective, dominant force?

Are you capable of being one of the Pack? Are you savage enough to kill, destroy and utterly obliterate every single opponent in sight on land and sea? Will you slaughter anyone that dare stand between the Pack and its goals? Can you commit yourself to the welfare of the Pack, and hurl yourself onto the front lines as a part of a highly skilled fighting team?

If so, then you might have what it takes to become a BloodClaw!

What is The BloodClaw Pack?

The BloodClaw Pack started life as a structured Darkfall Online clan of like-minded, mature yet fun people. We are European based but have members from all around the globe.

But then Darkfall was a bit of a let-down, so we decided to become more of a gaming community than a specific game clan. BloodClaw Pack members all have one major thing on common. We crave blood! We all have PvP in mind! That is our main aim and our purpose.

What is it like to be a BloodClaw?

When we are actively playing a game, this is what it is like to be a BloodClaw...

  • Mature - While we do enjoy having a laugh, we maintain a mature attitude in public and during official clan events.

  • Structured - In order to get things done efficiently we have a structured command system based upon superiority and trust which ensures all members will know exactly what position they are in and what they are meant to be doing, all without stressing everyone out.

  • Focused teamwork - We are intensely focused and work close as a team to better reach our potential.

  • Relaxed and fun atmosphere - While we take the game seriously, we are here to have fun. We have a laugh and enjoy each others company. It's the people you play with in any game that makes the difference between a ok game experience to an awesome one.

The BloodClaw Pack Values

  • Respect - We conduct all activities with a respect for each other and our enemies. That doesn't mean we don't enjoy smashing them to bits, it just means we don't act like idiots afterwards!

  • Loyalty and trust - We expect members to remain loyal to the cause, to fight for each other until their dying breath. With that comes a trust that cannot be bought and lends to a tight-nit and efficient fighting force.

  • Skill - Our members skill on the battlefield is key to our success. Only players who display a high level of effectiveness in combat will pass initiation.

How to become a BloodClaw

Visit the BCP Discord server to find more information!